Talent and Creativity Section

In a well-known TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson famously said that schools kill creativity and that this is done in part because the school does not celebrate the unique talents their students have. Here at BIA, we make it our goal to undo this myth. Here, we strive to show our school does not kill creativity or talent, but rather nourishes it.

Our Talent and Creativity Section does this by providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that allows each member of our school to identify, practice and sharpen their abilities and talents through the different phases of the programme. These include self-awareness, building habits, specialisation, mentorship and, finally, production. We believe every human has a natural ability to excel at something, and that the more time and effort spent in an area of talent, the more opportunity one has to utilise and refine their talent. We believe that mastering anything requires great willpower and inner motivation and it is for this reason that we are constantly nurturing talents.